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Sticky Post

What the f*ck is this?

Curious? XD

Writer-san says...

Haven't updated here forever. And I do feel horible about it.
The fact is that we have been updating at deviant art, and I'm not sure if selantri mentioned that we registered at tomgeeks, but the fact of the matter is, we're about to dive into midterms week, so there shouldn't be any actual artwork for a while.

But. I feel bad enough to at least put something up.

So (read from right to left)Collapse )
Hello! -my first post to the community!

We must try doing the Full Hanyou opening sometime soon!
Yay! We're joining , a webcomic collective for webcomics produced by women. Go visit them!
I excluded Rin from this list because I already did her on my own journal, and I wanted to give one of the less noticed characters a chance.

1. choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. make them answer the following questions.
3. then tag three people.
4. feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!

OCs :

How old are you?
~Arlette- 17
~Kira- 16
~Liadan- 16
~Selantri- 273
~Tuko- I’ll just give you the simple answer and say 19.

Boy or girl?
~Arlette- Boy. Yes, I am male. It is true. Just trust me on this.
~Kira- We’re all bitches! *cracks up*
~Liadan- I’m a girl. Why do you ask?
~Selantri- I am female!
~Tuko- Let me check my ID card…yep, I’m a boy.Read more...Collapse )

Nov. 17th, 2007

Oooooh, lookie lookie.
it appears that we have all broken out from our anciet disaster that is the prolouge and are now getting to the real plot. ^_^


Come find us!

This is where everything shall be for now, if you ever feel like browsing in the future.

Heck, go ahead and browse now.

48 hours

Selantri speaking:
Ahah! The newest venture that SAKE is planning is a 48 hour comic. That originally meant one comic every two hours, but the schedule is getting a rehaul, so it'll be more like one every hour or so.
To get the timing straight, we did a test page. It's a bit sloppy, but works well even as a stand alone!

Da latest

Yes, we do have a comicgenesis account now, along with a first few pages. I'm going to with hold the url for now, though (eventhough it really doesn't require a stretch of imagination) b/c we have yet to actually prettify the webpage.
The only reason I'm pointing him out now is because I was shocked to discover today that he might be making an appearence in Chapter 4. I didn't think he'd be showing up for a loooong time, and yet, as I was writing today, he just suddenly walked by in the hall and was like, "Heeey, wassup?"

Sorry to disappoint, though. He'll probably be wearing a shirt. But at least then we won't have to decide what color it should be, because he'll be appearing in a black and white part.
Please guys, we're logging IP addresses, so even if you're reading this but don't have an lj account, you can just reply with your preference.


Poll #1024116 Arlette's pants!

What color should Arlette's pants be in the opening?

Other (state in comments)