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I excluded Rin from this list because I already did her on my own journal, and I wanted to give one of the less noticed characters a chance.

1. choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. make them answer the following questions.
3. then tag three people.
4. feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!

OCs :

How old are you?
~Arlette- 17
~Kira- 16
~Liadan- 16
~Selantri- 273
~Tuko- I’ll just give you the simple answer and say 19.

Boy or girl?
~Arlette- Boy. Yes, I am male. It is true. Just trust me on this.
~Kira- We’re all bitches! *cracks up*
~Liadan- I’m a girl. Why do you ask?
~Selantri- I am female!
~Tuko- Let me check my ID card…yep, I’m a boy.

What's your height?
~Arlette- 5’7”
~Kira- 5’3”. A tall 5’3”.
~Liadan- 5’8”. I’m the shortest in my family.
~Selantri- Once every month I’m 4’8”.
~Tuko- 5’9”. *sigh* They told me I’m done growing. It’s about time.

What is your job?
~Arlette- Prince.
~Kira- Student
~Liadan- Scholar
~Selantri- Bodyguard! But they don’t call me that at home…
~Tuko- I am an undercover agent investigating an alleged unauthorized breech of international boundaries. But right now, I’m also a student. It never hurts to go back to school.

What do you do to relax?
~Arlette- Cook.
~Kira- Listen to music. Watch T.V. Whatever.
~Liadan- Climb a tree.
~Selantri- Frolic about in the sunshine and chase bunnies!
~Tuko- Send prank letters to my fellows-in-arms by means of my messenger falcon.

Who do you love?
~Arlette- Look, just because I go to a girls school…
~Kira- I’ve given up on men. They’re just so…so…ARGH!
~Liadan- Tall, dark, and handsome. It’s interesting how well he fits that description.
~Selantri- Arlette! Oh, wait, you mean romantically?
~Tuko- I really do feel bad. For both of them. *sigh*

Are you married?
~Arlette- That would be my father’s next project.
~Kira- I don’t know, go ask Rin-chan.
~Liadan- No.
~Selantri- …um, noooo.
~Tuko- No, no, not yet. Not really looking.

Do you have any kids?
~Arlette- Why’d—of course not!
~Kira- Apparently we’ve adopted P’ansori.
~Liadan- No.
~Selantri- None of my own, but I like working with them.
~Tuko- Ummm…no, not that I know of.

What's your favourite food?
~Arlette- *pokepoke* Is it dead? Okay, good.
~Kira- Steak. Raw.
~Liadan- Fruit and greenery.
~Selantri- Sunlight and turkey.
~Tuko- Strawberries. I have an odd fondness for them.

What's your favourite ice cream flavor?
~Arlette- I prefer sorbet.
~Kira- Chocolate.
~Liadan- Mint chocolate chip with sprinkles and caramel syrup and gummie bears.
~Selantri- Chocolate!
~Tuko- Red bean.

Have you killed anyone?
~Arlette- No. I’m afraid I might have to in the near future, though.
~Kira- No. That’s a cruel stereotype.
~Liadan- N-no.
~Selantri- Ahhhh! Nooooo!
~Tuko- …I…feel uncomfortable answering that.

Do you hate anyone?
~Arlette- Yes. My family.
~Kira- …
~Liadan- No. I think I’m just…too laid back to hate anyone.
~Selantri- Hate is wrong!
~Tuko- Mostly I just pity them.

Have any secrets?
~Arlette- Is it really that much of a secret? Seriously, can’t you tell? HELLO? I’M MALE! Surprised?!
~Kira- Ummmm…no?
~Liadan- Not…really. I don’t try to hide what I am.
~Selantri- Nooo. Secrets are baaaad.
~Tuko- ^_^ Oh, yes. I’m hiding many things. Now let me just smile creepily at you.

How did you end up where you are today?
~Arlette- My father.
~Kira- My brother, he gets these funny ideas…
~Liadan- I was recruited by the Cultural Society.
~Selantri- I was sent on a noble quest by the King himself!
~Tuko- I took a boat. Before that, I was on a train.


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Nov. 18th, 2007 03:43 am (UTC)
...yes. One of the new things I learned today.
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